Snake-oiled list of features

Screenshot @ Windows
  • Freeware
  • No installation required and -portable
  • Encryption (Blowfish)
  • Low resource usage (CPU, memory, bandwidth)
  • Global Hotkeys (incl. Push-To-Talk and Push-To-Mute)
  • Selectable bandwidth usage on the client for in- and outgoing data (2-6KB/s)
  • Constant/steady resource usage of the client, no matter the number of users connected to the server
  • Cross-platform (FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X (Intel & PowerPC*), Windows)
  • User-based or server-wide authentication
  • Server can run in GUI or CLI mode (-CLI) and as windows service (-installSVC)
  • Highly parallelised server to take advantage of multi-core CPUs
  • Rated purfekta by Mouh

Usage of FishSpeak for the mouse-loving user

Using the command line seems totally out of this world for most people. A much simpler way to configure FishSpeak is to use a configuration file. After creating the configuration file right-click it, select "Open with..." and select FishSpeak.
Depending on your platform that is:
  • Windows: FishSpeak.exe
  • Mac OS X: FishSpeak - the Application
  • FreeBSD/Linux: FishSpeak

For more information about configuring FishSpeak read the manpage


Downloads no longer available.